One morning at a local diner, my mother and I were getting into a passionate discussion about the abysmal future of our environment, and how we all need to do more to protect it. As we spouted off some terrifying facts, the third party involved- my father- withdrew ever-further inside himself. I believe the exact conversation went…

Dad: “See, the more you guys do that the less I care,” he said, flustered and on the defensive.

Mom: “What do you even mean? You don’t care at all that our planet is dying?”

Me: “If you don’t care about that, what do you care about??”

Mom: “Money,” she scoffed.

Dad: “Well, yeah…” he shrugged matter-of-factly.

Sam: “So you’re saying if you were paid to do it, you would care about the environment?”

Dad: “Mm… Yeah. I suppose I would. Good luck with that.”

Thanks for the luck, Dad! Now after months of preparation it’s time to get to business- environment business. The usual sales pitch of scare-tactics and guilt may work on me, but they certainly don’t convince everyone. In fact, they often make people resent the thought of environmental stewardship. It’s time to speak the language of all the people whose top priorities include their everyday needs: security, love, and money money monayyy.

This blog will boast a vast and ever-growing collection of side hustles that regular people can do, in order to 1. MAKE MONEY and 2. Help the environment! In order to put the age-old “anybody can do it!” claim to the test, I will be taking on the projects that I research and write about. If the money I make is greater than the money I invest, then anybody can do it, and it is a Successful Environmental Side Hustle! (SESH)

When I am not writing about these personal endeavors, I will be researching and getting in contact with companies and agencies that support worthwhile environmental components within their workplace. These will be more specialized to professionals who are already devoted to their careers but wish they had the flexibility to reduce their environmental footprint, without drastically altering their everyday life.

The goal of this work is to be accessible, adaptable, creative, and inspire all financially motivated people to make changes in their lives that will help make the world a better place to live. Just imagine… A life where everybody made money, did their part, and we actually did save the planet.

Good luck to us,

Samantha Rock



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