All my life, I have told myself that I am going to change the world for the better. Today, I am ready to start. I am using this website to create a tangible version of this intention and I encourage others to utilize it for the same purpose.

I know as time passes, too many people are lulled into living complacently. It’s too easy to believe that you can’t follow your personal dreams, that it is too late for the environment, that there isn’t anything more to life than what we are experiencing right now, etc. I also know there are countless people just like myself that refuse to accept this, but don’t know how to make their contribution. My theory is that everyone has a passion or a strength that, when supported, will become a gift to positively impact their journey and the world around them.

Here on Global Optimist, I will be analyzing my life experiences in writing in order to better understand and share the lessons that I’m learning. I invite you to join me. With your stories, we can inspire optimism and build a global movement toward a beautiful future. Together, we will utilize the power within ourselves that can change the world, just like we always knew we could.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Samantha Rock


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