The (Hydro)Power of Professional Aquaponics!

What Aquaponic Systems Are, How to Create an Efficient Nutrient Cycle, & The Current Global Market for Aquaponics

Pexels Contributor Denise H.

The Basics

Hello friends!

Please enjoy my video below! In it, I explain the basics of an aquaponic system, how to cycle the water and nutrients safely for your fish and plants, and where I am at in building my home system.

How to Cycle Water and Nutrients in an Aquaponic System to Keep Your Fish and Plants Healthy

The Market

The market surrounding aquaponics has reached epic proportions, and with the food availability to human population ratio becoming evermore dire, this growth will not be slowing down. This map below shows Universities researching aquaponics (dark and light blue), and farming companies growing and selling aquaponic produce (dark and light green). As you can see, aquaponics are everywhereponics.

Google Maps

The niche of urban aquaponic design has become particularly popular as of late. Check out these companies out on Instagram and see the spectacularly creative ways that innovative minds are feeding cities with aquaponics: @edenworksgrows (rooftop aquaponic greenhouses) @bright_farms (builds intercity aquaponic greenhouses). As a side note- hydroponic gardening is also hugely popular and there is also limitless opportunity in this similar business. If you want a piece of this ponic-movement, whether it be by purchasing stocks, promoting aquaponic businesses, buying the produce, or trying aquaponics out for yourself, NOW IS THE TIME!

The Aquaponic Source

Your Aquaponic Business!

I have come across a company that has all of the resources you could possibly need to start your own aquaponic home system or business; this wealth of resources is called The Aquaponic Source. To start, they offer complete, easily assembled home systems starting at prices as low as twenty bucks (called Aquadorables!) that you can keep on your kitchen countertop and grow fresh herbs for home-cooked meals. If you want something more substantial, they have systems that YOU can design large enough to feed your family fish, fruits and veggies indefinitely. How cool is that?

In reference to Chip Gaines of Magnolia

If you are considering the business but would like to learn more before you jump in, The Aquaponic Source offers classes of all lengths and intensities to fit your interest. In addition, they have a tight-knit community that you can join to share your farming experiences in real time and collaborate with your peers. They offer all this and really, so much more.

The future is open to you, and opportunities are everywhere! If this post has inspired you, got you thinking about the future of feeding yourself, your family, and the world (the sky is the limit!) with extremely efficient, year-round farming, then click this link below and see what’s in store.

Thanks so much! Until next time,

Be that Optimist!

A big thanks to the following online resources for their excellent information:;;;;

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