Valentine’s Day Blog Relaunch!


Today I am celebrating the relaunch of my blog and business, Global Optimist, with renewed purpose and a change of direction. The original plan was to reflect on life altering experiences that I’ve had and share the lessons that I’ve learned. It seemed like a nice way to make sense of this amazing life that I’ve been given. But hell, as a working American with blogging on the side, who has time for that! This new start will take you and I somewhere more meaningful… Wherever the environment and money collide!pexels-photo-459225How could you look at a picture like this and not think, “Man, I have got to get me some of that!” Don’t see where it fits into your unique day-to-day? Let me show you. I will reveal ways that you, me, and your uncle can all integrate environmental stewardship into our lives with financial benefits, which makes the prospect of this not only sustainable but enticing as well. Using this strategy, I believe that the proportion of people actively serving the environment will expand exponentially.


You can count on hearing from me every Wednesday and Sunday evening, bringing to you a vast variety of opportunities where you can incorporate a little love for the environment right into your wallet.

On Sundays:

I will select a monthly project to conduct myself and see how plausible it is.

1st Week: General introduction to the topic, how it works, and how it makes moola

2nd Week: Real people who’s brains I have picked that actually do make cash doing this

3rd Week: My experience starting the project, amount of effort, and expected outcome

4th Week: How more people giving this a try could impact the world as a whole

In the future: When I decide to conclude the project, I will let you know how much money I made and whether or not I found the endeavor to be worth my while

On Wednesdays:

I will briefly touch upon money-making methods for more specialized professions. For example, how you can make small alterations to your career in order to have a positive impact on the environment. That way, the information I share will be accessible and applicable to people from all walks of life.

As a sneak peak, I will tell you that my first monthly project I’ll be writing to you about this very Sunday will be!… Drum roll… Badadadaadadadaadaaa…. AQUAPONICS! Never heard of it? Awesome. Heard of it? Still awesome.


Look at that- it even looks like money. Alright friends, let’s be green to make green.

Until next time,

Be that Optimist


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