Me? A Millionaire? That’s GaRbAgE!

Entrepreneurs All Over the World are Acquiring Their WEALTH by CLEANING UP Their Communities!

Parking Lot Garbage Mercedes
You Can Have One If You Clean Up Around It

Swallow Your Pride and Roll in the Profit

Start a part-time parking lot clean-up business. You can make your own hours, work outdoors, be your own boss AND clean up the environment! Sure it’s not the cleanest work environment, but this opportunity has an incredibly low start-up cost and there’s a good chance you can monopolize your local market. In no time you’ll be setting up on Boardwalk and buying up all the Railroads! Hahah! Ahh…

I was inspired to write about this while walking my dog earlier this week. I live in the state of Vermont, which has a reputation of being clean, green, and full of startups (especially tasty microbreweries, but that’s a topic for another day). I walked along route seven after our run to return home, and in less than a mile I saw: eight cigarette butts, four empty cigarette packs, a phone charger, a fish carcass (that my pup Sawyer tried to eat), two energy drink cans, three beer cans (*concerning*), a slipper, and a pile of who-knows-what trash. The snow had just melted so this trash must have been building up underneath that beautiful white blanket, and as I watched it emerge I was astounded. There is undoubtedly a market for this.

Some General Logistics

Who pays for their parking lot or roadside to be cleaned:

If I were to start this business in my hometown tomorrow, I would head to the classiest places first and work my way down from there. I think they would pay a lot of money to keep up their image! Corporations and small business alike are viable options worthy of your service and should be considered as such.

How much you  can charge:

Check out reasonable rates for your state and consider the socioeconomic background of your area, but in general, you could aim between $30 and $50 per hour.

Sweet Trash Sweep Ride
EHC Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

What equipment you will need to buy:

Low Tech Options:

Gloves ~ Mask ~ Wheel Barrow ~ Broom ~ Trash Bags ~ Business Cards ~ Ad Magnets

High Tech Options:

Parking Lot Sweeper ~ Pick Up Truck ~ Gas-Powered Leaf Blower ~ Professional Ads

Of course, you will need to choose the option that is within your current budget. In the same breath, if you ask around I’m sure you could find friends that would invest in your business with the part-time use of their truck or leaf blower. This is definitely a “where there’s a will there’s a way” type scenario.

**If this endeavor turns out well and you want to take it to the next level (legally), you will need to pay your local courthouse to register your business. You will be needing to pay taxes after taking this step… But then you are officially a business owner!! How exciting is that??**

How to market your business

  • The first thing you need to do is find out if there are any competitors in your area offering the same service. The most obvious option would be to “Google it”, but if you are from a small town this may not work. If your competitors are online at all it’s possible they’ve made a Facebook group, have their business on their LinkedIn profile or have posted advertisements on Craigslist.
  • If they are not advertising in the online marketplace- get all over that- inquire at your town offices if a private parking lot trash cleanup business is offered in your town and keep an eye out for fliers on local cork boards.
  • Invest in printing personalized business cards and fliers, and visit local businesses with parking lots to personally inquire if they would be interested in your service.
  • After you have covered all of your bases locally, definitely look into attending a conference like the one below, WasteExpo 50! Can you believe there are over 13,000 people who are doing exactly this? It is so possible it’s not even funny.

Here Are Some Stories to Get You Inspired…

Gotta love helping communities that desperately need it. After living and visiting developing countries, the lack of waste removal services is a prominent issue. Developing or developed though, there is always room to improve our communities.

Not interested in the side of the road? How about a personal junk removal service?

Yo- “The Boss of Cleaning”- became a millionaire as an investor, (not from picking up trash,) but chooses to spend his time cleaning the streets of his community.

Gee… How about that 🙂

Until next time,

Be that Optimist!

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The (Hydro)Power of Professional Aquaponics!

What Aquaponic Systems Are, How to Create an Efficient Nutrient Cycle, & The Current Global Market for Aquaponics

Pexels Contributor Denise H.

The Basics

Hello friends!

Please enjoy my video below! In it, I explain the basics of an aquaponic system, how to cycle the water and nutrients safely for your fish and plants, and where I am at in building my home system.

How to Cycle Water and Nutrients in an Aquaponic System to Keep Your Fish and Plants Healthy

The Market

The market surrounding aquaponics has reached epic proportions, and with the food availability to human population ratio becoming evermore dire, this growth will not be slowing down. This map below shows Universities researching aquaponics (dark and light blue), and farming companies growing and selling aquaponic produce (dark and light green). As you can see, aquaponics are everywhereponics.

Google Maps

The niche of urban aquaponic design has become particularly popular as of late. Check out these companies out on Instagram and see the spectacularly creative ways that innovative minds are feeding cities with aquaponics: @edenworksgrows (rooftop aquaponic greenhouses) @bright_farms (builds intercity aquaponic greenhouses). As a side note- hydroponic gardening is also hugely popular and there is also limitless opportunity in this similar business. If you want a piece of this ponic-movement, whether it be by purchasing stocks, promoting aquaponic businesses, buying the produce, or trying aquaponics out for yourself, NOW IS THE TIME!

The Aquaponic Source

Your Aquaponic Business!

I have come across a company that has all of the resources you could possibly need to start your own aquaponic home system or business; this wealth of resources is called The Aquaponic Source. To start, they offer complete, easily assembled home systems starting at prices as low as twenty bucks (called Aquadorables!) that you can keep on your kitchen countertop and grow fresh herbs for home-cooked meals. If you want something more substantial, they have systems that YOU can design large enough to feed your family fish, fruits and veggies indefinitely. How cool is that?

In reference to Chip Gaines of Magnolia

If you are considering the business but would like to learn more before you jump in, The Aquaponic Source offers classes of all lengths and intensities to fit your interest. In addition, they have a tight-knit community that you can join to share your farming experiences in real time and collaborate with your peers. They offer all this and really, so much more.

The future is open to you, and opportunities are everywhere! If this post has inspired you, got you thinking about the future of feeding yourself, your family, and the world (the sky is the limit!) with extremely efficient, year-round farming, then click this link below and see what’s in store.

Thanks so much! Until next time,

Be that Optimist!

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Valentine’s Day Blog Relaunch!


Today I am celebrating the relaunch of my blog and business, Global Optimist, with renewed purpose and a change of direction. The original plan was to reflect on life altering experiences that I’ve had and share the lessons that I’ve learned. It seemed like a nice way to make sense of this amazing life that I’ve been given. But hell, as a working American with blogging on the side, who has time for that! This new start will take you and I somewhere more meaningful… Wherever the environment and money collide!pexels-photo-459225How could you look at a picture like this and not think, “Man, I have got to get me some of that!” Don’t see where it fits into your unique day-to-day? Let me show you. I will reveal ways that you, me, and your uncle can all integrate environmental stewardship into our lives with financial benefits, which makes the prospect of this not only sustainable but enticing as well. Using this strategy, I believe that the proportion of people actively serving the environment will expand exponentially.


You can count on hearing from me every Wednesday and Sunday evening, bringing to you a vast variety of opportunities where you can incorporate a little love for the environment right into your wallet.

On Sundays:

I will select a monthly project to conduct myself and see how plausible it is.

1st Week: General introduction to the topic, how it works, and how it makes moola

2nd Week: Real people who’s brains I have picked that actually do make cash doing this

3rd Week: My experience starting the project, amount of effort, and expected outcome

4th Week: How more people giving this a try could impact the world as a whole

In the future: When I decide to conclude the project, I will let you know how much money I made and whether or not I found the endeavor to be worth my while

On Wednesdays:

I will briefly touch upon money-making methods for more specialized professions. For example, how you can make small alterations to your career in order to have a positive impact on the environment. That way, the information I share will be accessible and applicable to people from all walks of life.

As a sneak peak, I will tell you that my first monthly project I’ll be writing to you about this very Sunday will be!… Drum roll… Badadadaadadadaadaaa…. AQUAPONICS! Never heard of it? Awesome. Heard of it? Still awesome.


Look at that- it even looks like money. Alright friends, let’s be green to make green.

Until next time,

Be that Optimist